Mission Statement

The City Ministry is committed to aiding and advancing the quality of education, character, and comfort thru out the city, county, state and beyond by preparing the youth to be strong leaders and continuing to care for the elderly for a better tomorrow.


As an organization, our first responsibility is to extend services of high-quality showing concern for each person as an individual regardless of race, creed or age.


We will return to our elderly the investment of trust that has been placed in us, through quality care, concern, consideration and education of this organization's leaders and volunteer staff as we work to achieve excellence.

Vision Statement

God gave Sr. Pastor, Tony Jones, Sr. the vision to "Take the City" by feeding the hungry and compelling men, women, and children to God. Pastor Jones under the leadership of God is going beyond the traditional church standards. He is breaking down the barriers between the churches, and the world one step at a time forming a collaborative relationship that will enhance the lives of believers and non-believers.

He's taking our children back from the street, teaching women how to be model mothers and wives. He and his wife is also teaching and training girls to be respectable young ladies and boys to respectable young men according to God's standards and the laws of the land.